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I went to David Lloyd to have my 5 year old daughters ears pierced. David and his staff made us feel like part of the family. The care and concern went above and beyond. Most importantly he did an excellent job and my daughter was and still is completely pain free. Thank you and we will be back

Elyse S. |  Hicksville, NY, New York

Our son lives in N.J. and asked us to help him price as well as find a halo diamond engagement ring. We shopped at quite a few of the recommended jewelry stores and exchanges, we researched online and visited some very recognizable big names as well as some local boutiques. When a friend of mine found out my son was looking to get engaged he suggested, and had only the nicest things to say about Jewels by David Lloyd. Knowing word of mouth is sometimes the best advertising, my wife and I decided to pay David a visit. We were so glad we did! He took his time to explain everything to us. We discussed in detail - design of the setting, the stone, the quality, sizes, prices, did I leave anything out? We found David to be the consumate gentleman, earnest, and incredibly knowledgeable, and he should be - he's been in the business for a long time. After finding what we thought was the perfect ring for our son we needed to let him see it for himself. Pictures really don't do justice... One weekend my son came to town with his girlfriend and found an excuse to go seperate ways for the afternoon. We brought him to see what David had, and he has ALOT! After we introduced our son to David and as David went to retrieve our file, my son was checking out all of the settings in the showcases and ironically chose the same exact setting that my wife and I had picked out only a week and a half earlier. My son had selected a beautiful clear cut diamond, then had David recreate the setting in platinum. The finished ring was stunning and presented with all the certifications, appraials, etc. that were necessary for insurance purposes. David will listen to you and work with you to help you select/design a quality piece of jewelry at a very fair price. My son's fiance LOVES her engagement ring and would like to shop at David's for the Wedding Bands. Also, a few of my son's friends are now inquiring about Jewels by David Lloyd.

Chris C. |  Levittown, New York

They have some really nice pieces and the staff is friendly and helpful. Be warned though, once you buy something you can only exchange it. No returns allowed.

Robert J.  |  Huntington, NY, Alabama

Searching for the right place to purchase an engagement ring is no easy task. My research about diamonds and jewelry in general had made me skeptical of jewelers and I began to feel like I would have to settle for less than I wanted. My decision to stop in David's shop one day after leaving the Whole Food's next door turned out to be one of my best. Unlike other jewelry stores I had visited I was able to discus candidly with David what I was looking for and even my budget. Without hesitation, David explained multiple options, educated me on diamond purchasing and showed me a variety of different options for the ring. I already had an idea of what type of ring I was looking for. On the spot David took my ideas and sketched what would ultimately become my fiancé's ring (she said yes) . David's willingness to custom design a ring and setting to fit within my budget is a testament to his passion as a jeweler. I had no idea that a custom designed ring was within my budget and found myself in complete awe at the finished product. Since the "big" purchase I have been back for a variety of different reasons including resizing, watch battery changes and have never been disappointed. You will have a hard time finding a better jeweler, let alone a better person than David. My random stop after a trip to Whole Foods proved to be one of my better instances of window shopping. P.S. I don't think I could have made my fiancé happier. The ring is completely above and beyond anything we had looked at and she reminds me regularly how impressive her ring is.

Torrel H. |  Huntington Station, NY, New York

David is simply the best! Countless family and friends have gotten engagement rings and wedding bands from him, including myself, and everyone is stunned by the craftsmanship and quality. If you are ring shopping, or just looking for a nice piece of jewelry, David's is the place to go.

Eric L. |  Glen Cove, New York

When I stopped into Jewels by David Lloyd I got so much more than I expected. I found a jeweler that was not only honest trustworthy and knowledgeable but David is also passionate about his craft and his clients. I found a jeweler for life. It has been over a year since I walked through his door and I still wake up every morning and love the beautiful creation on my finger and to this day still get compliments on what a beautiful wedding ring set I have. I had been searching all over the island for the "perfect" wedding ring set. I had the perfect diamond in a setting that I liked for all of 2 weeks although it had sat on my finger for more than 8 years. This perfect 2.5 carat, 8 sided diamond, with 88 facets sat in a weak tulip setting that I allowed a jeweler to talk me into and I was determined to not let that happen again. I had an idea of what I wanted and I set out on my search. My fiancé and I hit every major jewelry chain on Long Island and they all had the same type selection and ALL tried to get me to settle for what they had in their display case. Some had even refused to set my diamond in one of their settings and suggested I just buy what they had to replace my near flawless diamond. With 20 days left before I had to leave on my wedding cruise, I decided to stop into that little jewelers next to the Whole Foods in Jericho. I had always wanted to check it out and I figured I was going to have settle again so it wouldn't hurt. I was greeted with warm genuine smiles from David and his staff. I told them what I was looking for and although they had beautiful things that could be modified to be close to what I wanted, nothing was exactly what I was looking for. Then he said the most amazing thing to me. "I can see you are not happy. Why don't we just make it?" And he did. I drew what I wanted on a piece of paper. He took measurements of my diamond, redrew what I had with measurements to give it scale and proper dimension and within an hour my vision was on paper and becoming a reality. He had less than 3 weeks and worked with his team around the clock to create a mold, cast the ring, find 12 perfect diamonds to go with my solitaire, make sure it fit my finger and set my diamond into it, and rhodium plate it. There were many nights (way after the store was closed) that we texted back and forth the work out the details to make sure he was creating what I wanted. David did not want me to settle. It was clear that client satisfaction is his priority and he is truly passionate about his craft. He never charged me a dime extra for his late nights and completed this set for less than a ready-made set at the big chain retailers. When the day came and my ring was complete, it was the most beautiful set I had ever seen. It was better than what I envisioned. We named the rings, The Geslani set, after my new married name. I am stopped by random people who comment on my rings all the time. It has a "peek-a-boo" feature built in where the diamond placed on the side of the wedding band can been seen through the engagement ring. Each of the diamond tips in the channel setting, can also be seen through a side opening of the wedding band. This thing sparkles for miles! Thank you David for your commitment to excellence.

Paula G. |  Bethpage, New York

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